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New Year’s Resolution: Improve Employment Practices

If one of your resolutions is to improve employment practices, this may be the year to consider an Employment Law Advice & Counsel Hotline Retainer Program. ELS offers an “Employment Advice & Counsel Hotline” retainer program to assist clients with routine HR legal matters.

ELS focuses on serving business clients and we understand the demands and often time‐sensitive nature of providing on‐call advice to clients. We encourage our clients to call us at any time because we realize time spent addressing an issue or concern upfront and on‐the‐spot is usually advantageous in the long run. Utilizing our expertise – proactively and defensively – provides better protection of a company’s bottom line. We view hotline advice as part of our proactive strategy and believe this important service minimizes litigation and disruption to business.

ELS Advice & Counsel Hotline Retainer Program Features:

  • Advice Hotline retainer clients have priority and can expect a fast response from ELS.
  • Advice Hotline services are limited to calls made by appointed representatives of client companies lasting less than 20 minutes.
  • Advice is provided by ELS attorneys without any need to conduct extensive research or prepare an advice memo.
  • Pricing varies depending on the number of hours designated as “Advice Hotline Time” per quarter.
  • The retainer period is one year, with quarterly payments due at the start of each quarter regardless of whether the client uses any or all of its time in a previous quarter. However, in the event a client does not utilize all of its quarterly advice time, hours may be rolled over to the next quarter only.
  • Retainer clients also receive a 10% discount on other legal services that are not included in the Advice& Counsel Hotline Retainer.

Our approach is to learn our clients’ business, business objectives, and culture in order to partner with clients to provide results‐oriented employment law services that are aligned with business fundamentals. Please contact Jamala McFadden or Chandra Davis for more information regarding an Employment Law Advice & Counsel Hotline.

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