Diversity and Next Level Inclusion is a Hallmark of a Great Workplace!

Diversity and next level inclusion is a hallmark of a great workplace! As we enter in to the various religious and cultural winter holidays, we recognize that being respectful and inclusive can be difficult and costly. However, Title VII covered employers are obligated to provide reasonable accommodations for employees to observe religious holidays if it does not cause the employer undue hardship. Unpaid leave and requiring employees to utilize personal or vacation time to observe their religious or cultural holidays are reasonable accommodations.

A “floating holiday” in addition to the regularly scheduled holidays is an inclusive option. Floating holiday days allow employees to take time off for religious observances that are not covered by the company’s established holiday schedule. The floating holiday may not cover the full time needed to observe a religious holiday but will lessen the burden of religious minority employees that would typically have to utilize personal or vacation time. Generally, employers require that floating holidays are taken in the same year they are granted and do not allow these days to carry over into the next year. Employees are usually required to give adequate advanced notice of their intention to take a floating holiday.

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