Jamala McFadden, ELS Partner, receives the Georgia Diversity Council’s “Most Powerful & Influential Woman” Award

October 19, 2018—Jamala was proud to be recognized by the Georgia Diversity Counsel a 2018 Most Powerful & Influential Woman Award recipient.  The award recognizes women who:

  • Provide leadership excellence in the public and/or private sectors
  • Sustain a record of accomplishments and/or contributions to field of work throughout scope of her career
  • Have clout within her organization in terms of significant impact on revenues, profitability, and/or direction of the organization
  • Demonstrates leadership and commitment to community well-being and/or high visibility in the community; and
  • Exhibits and demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence

During the breakfast, Jamala gave a speech reminding women leaders to “Take Care of the Woman Behind the Mask” by focusing on three questions: (1) What energizes you?; (2) Where Can You be Vulnerable? and What is yours that you need to reclaim?