The Legal Issues Involved in the Les Moonves Saga

There’s So Much to Les: The Legal Issues Involved in the Les Moonves Saga

Recently disgraced former CBS CEO Les Moonves demanded to arbitrate whether he is entitled to $120,000,000 in severance pay from CBS. The matter raises a number of employment issues that many employers grapple with, including:

  • How to draft employment contracts, severance agreements, anti-harassment policies and codes of ethics
  • How to investigate sexual harassment claims
  • What behavior constitutes sexual harassment
  • What constitutes adequate cooperation with corporate investigations
  • Whether employers should require mandatory arbitration of employment disputes
  • Media relations in high-profile matters in this #MeToo era
Halima H. White

Attorney Halima White of The Employment Law Solution

ELS attorneys have defended various sexual harassment matters before agencies and juries. Our attorneys have also guided employers through how to prevent sexual harassment and how to investigate harassment allegations. Let us help you understand the issues involved and position your company for legal compliance.

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