Planning on Using Seasonal and Millennial Workers?

If you plan to use seasonal and millennial workers this summer – please plan to attend our upcoming webinar on Employment Law Issues Employers Need to Understand.

Our presentation will address the following:

  • Does the law require you to pay interns?
  • Managing student/seasonal workers
    • Millennial management
  • Legal claims made by seasonal and summer interns
    • Sexual harassment
    • Complaint procedure
  • Workplace policy reminders for summer/seasonal workers
    • Proper training of management and seasonal employees
Raquel Hoover Crump
ELS Attorney Raquel Crump

We have lots of engaging video and a speaker from the DOL will join us. Please email Patricia O’Toole at for details regarding this engaging presentation.

For a preview of the subject matter see our video on Hiring Summer Students as well as our other engaging videos on YouTube. Attorney Raquel Crump is available to help with your workplace concerns. Please reach out to Raquel at if you have pressing concerns regarding summer interns.