Jamala McFadden’s Presidential Leadership Scholar Project: Space Between

The Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) brings together a diverse network of leaders to collaborate and make a difference in the world as they learn about leadership through the lens of the presidential experiences of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson.  During the program, each PLS scholar works on a personal leadership project, intended to solve a problem or pressing issue in their community, country, or the world.

Jamala’s project, Space Between, changes lives by empowering women through entrepreneurship. Space Between is an accelerator program for women of color who are low income that equips participants with the skills, resources and community they need to turn their side hustles into their main hustles to achieve economic mobility, create jobs for their communities and a legacy for their families. Jamala is excited to announce that in January 2020, Space Between will be piloted with a three-month accelerator working with six women seeking to grow service-oriented businesses. The program will include 12 learning modules with topics that include mindset, marketing, pricing, staffing, growth opportunities, and funding, among other foundational business topics. The modules will be facilitated by subject-matter experts and seasoned women business owners, some of whom will mentor the program participants. To maximize engaged participation, Space Between will provide wrap-around services that include transportation vouchers, meals during meetings, babysitting and a wage supplement.  The pilot will conclude with a graduation showcasing the owners and their businesses.

Jamala welcomes your assistance in bringing Space Between to life!  We are in need of program participants, module facilitators, mentors and funding for wrap around services.  Other ideas?  We’d love to hear them. 

If you are interested in learning more about Space Between and how you can help, please contact Jamala McFadden at jmcfadden@theemploymentlawsolution.com.