Halima White on LIWOCA Conference

Halima White, former President of LIWOCA and 2018 Conference Chair, notes that two keynote speakers explained the importance of showing how the things you want will benefit your employer–not just you. For example, Pilar Ramos of Mastercard previously worked extensively with a client when she was at a law firm. Ramos was not on the firm’s M&A team, but when the client was having a merger, she explained to the firm that it would benefit both the firm and the client if she worked on the merger. Ramos got to work on the merger.  Sandie Okoro with World Bank was up for a promotion at another job at the same time she was due to take a nine-month maternity leave (got to love the UK).  She told that employer that it would take three months to find someone else to take the promotion and three months to get that person up to speed. It would be better if the company chose her. She got the job.

Takeaway: When you see a opportunity for career advancement, highlight why it helps your employer–not just you.

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