ELS Attorney Halima White Named President of 2018 LIWOCA Conference


ELS Attorney, Halima White, is the President for the 2018 Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys, Inc. (LIWOCA) Conference. Each year the Conference addresses a range of topics relevant to women of color attorneys as lawyers, as women, as minorities, and as professionals practicing law in an increasingly competitive and often homogenous environment. Expert panelists and workshop facilitators from all over the country share their invaluable expertise and inspiring biographies of trials and tribulations.

Marian Cover Dockery founded LIWOCA in 2004 after a study revealed a startling rate of attrition from law firms by African-, Asian-, and Hispanic-American women attorneys. Since then, the organization has been on a mission to provide women of color attorneys with the leadership, navigation, and business development skills necessary for success.

For more information about LIWOCA and sponsorship, log on to www.leadingwomenofcolor.org.