EEOC Atlanta Office Training August 2013

Last week the EEOC’s Atlanta Office facilitated its annual two day seminar (TAPS).  The Agency covered “Sex Discrimination After Glenn v. Brumby,” exploring the EEOC’s broad reading of Title VII to include harassment claims brought by a transgender workers a development that will likely spur more transgender discrimination claims and underscores the need for employers to address gender identity in their anti-discrimination policies. EEOC’s sex stereotyping theory that individuals who fail to conform to gender stereotypes actionable under Title VII. According to the EEOC, in 2011, the Eleventh Circuit captured this understanding in its ruling in favor of Vandy Beth Glenn, a transgender woman who was fired from her editorial position with the Georgia General Assembly. This presentation will explore the legal terrain before, during, and after the Glenn case, as the law in this arena continues to evolve. Additional sessions included: “Use of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment; Advanced Interviewing Techniques”; “GINA: But We Don’t Collect Genetic Information – Do We?”; and “The Equal Pay Act: What Employers Should Know about Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination.”