Trainings and Mediation

ELS Workplace Trainings

Workforce diversity and inclusion are critical components of a progressive and productive workplace environment.  Complaints and legal claims of harassment and discrimination can amount to high costs for both employees and employers. Employers charged with discrimination or harassment can stand to spend thousands of dollars investigating and/or defending such claims whether or not it has merit. As employees interact on the daily basis, there is an increased likelihood of introduction of potentially offensive and objectionable material, dialogue, or conduct into the workplace. Sometimes actions that one employee considers acceptable can be offensive to another. More often than not, discrimination and harassment claims are a result of conduct the actor did not believe would be offensive.

Investing in tools to prevent offensive conduct that results in employee complaints is far less expensive than engaging in litigation.  It is essential for each business to have a plan and a SOLUTION to circumvent these actions. Specifically, it is important that supervisors and managers be given adequate training on how to handle situations that can turn into potential areas of liability for an employer. In battling claims of discrimination or harassment, Courts hold companies responsible for the actions of their supervisors and managers.  It is essential that your employees are equipped with SOLUTIONS provided through training to protect the company’s interests.

Outside of tools such as policies and handbooks, it is important employees, supervisors, and managers alike are provided hands-on training. ELS provides training on discrimination laws, diversity and inclusion, harassment, identifying conduct that maybe perceived offensive, reporting procedures, conducting effective internal investigations, and non-retaliation against complaining employees. This training also reinforces a zero-tolerance policy for violations. A strong and consistently enforced policy, when combined with appropriate education and training, reduces an employer’s overall cost of workplace management by reducing or eliminating harassment and ensuing complaints.

ELS tailors our training courses and presentations to fit your business’s culture and environment by working with your business to identify the target population and relevant performance goal and measurements. For a pre-determined fee, ELS will draft anti-discrimination/harassment policies, conduct training and/or seminars for all employees including a special seminar for managers and supervisors. Such training may be done individually or in groups. We can also conduct the training at a location that suits the employer and employees or at the employer’s work site.

ELS Mediation Services

ELS offers parties disputing employment matters an alternative to litigation. ELS provides comprehensive private meditation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

As attorney-mediators, ELS can draft all of the paperwork necessary to finalize a settlement agreement between parties. ELS is also capable of working with parties whether they represent themselves or have attorneys. Our mission as your mediators is to assist you to most effectively, comfortably, and confidently represent yourself in mediation. In mediation, you will be making all of the decisions because the parties have complete control of the outcome.