Separation and Severance Agreements

Our team of experienced employment attorneys review and negotiate employment agreements. We also provide advice related to and negotiate severance packages on behalf of employers and professionals. Our work with both employers and executives helps us understand what motivates both sides. This experience is what differentiates our firm, along with our approach. We are creative. We anticipate and remove road blocks.

A job loss for an executive – or any employee – can be an emotionally taxing experience. Our attorneys understand that every severance situation is unique. We help to ease the transition by getting to know our clients and their goals. Severances are time sensitive and we make ourselves available to our clients regularly throughout the process.

Jamala McFadden leads our severance negotiations practice. Her approach and calm demeanor wins praise from our corporate and executive clients again and again. Contact Jamala McFadden to discuss what to consider when negotiating severance packages.


I engaged the team at Employment Law Solutions following my separation from a former employer.  Attorney Jamala McFadden of ELS managed my severance negotiations and provided exceptional counsel, guidance and support through the entire process.  She was strategic in her approach, applied pressure when needed and tactfully maneuvered the negotiations on my behalf.  Her efforts produced a better severance package than was originally offered by the company.  I encourage anyone caught in a transition situation where they are not being treated fairly, with dignity and respect by a company to engage the services and support of Jamala and the ELS team.

Director, Human Resources

Jamala McFadden is a skilled, strategic negotiator with a keen understanding of what moves to make (and those to avoid) to get the best outcomes for her clients. Not only was she successful beyond my expectations, she was also supportive and empathetic of me as a human being going through a difficult situation. I cannot thank her enough for all of her work, strategy, support, and empathy throughout this process. I am so incredibly impressed by her.  I will definitely be recommending her to friends and colleagues.

C-level Education Professional

I’m very grateful for the severance negotiation services provided by ELS.  Attorney Jamala  McFadden was professional and consistently looked out for my best interest.  She advised me every step of the way, enabling a favorable outcome.  Had it not been for her calm demeanor and solid counsel, I would very likely have settled for far less than I deserved.  Thank you ELS!

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Jamala McFadden and her team were so supportive and thorough in their preparations for my severance negotiations.  They made me feel like they understood and believed in me and my experience.   The results of their work with me met and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Jamala and The Employment Law Solution team to anyone facing an employment transition.

Senior Vice President, Financial Services

Last year I found myself in a place where I needed professional and legal advice. Jamala McFadden provided me with both and there were times when she helped me maintain my ability to continue to go high no matter what – to remain true to the core of my own integrity and ethics. I thank her for that! She is awesome! Despite the circumstances, I’m grateful that our paths crossed. It was the right place in the life and at the right time.

PhD, CEO, Education

Working with The Employment Law Solution was such an enjoyable experience. She was incredibly responsive, answered all of my questions, and got me the best outcome I could ask for.  I am so thankful for their kindness and effort that they showed me and I would be happy to work with them again if I needed their services!  If you are in need of representation, I urge you to contact The Employment Law Solution.”

I cannot thank you enough!

UX Researcher / Illustrator / Designer