ELS Offers Training and Counsel to Boards

Attorneys at The Employment Law Solution: McFadden Davis assist non-profits and not-for-profit organizations with various aspects of board management and membership. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations thrive. We provide straightforward advice to all types of charities, institutions, foundations and not-for-profit organizations across the breadth of the sector, from educational and religious organizations to national charities and professional membership bodies.

Our approach is simple – we get to know your organization first and give experience-based advice that helps you fulfill your mission. We help you to understand the responsibilities, performance expectations, and opportunities associated with serving on the board of a nonprofit.

In addition to our legal background and experience providing pro bono assistance to select boards, we have experience as individual board members. Our litigators have investigated, provided findings-of-fact, and defended boards and nonprofit organizations. This experience equips us with unique insight – a “360-degree viewpoint” we use to provide an enhanced training experience. ELS board training offers preventative and proactive approaches to enable boards to successfully manage an array of issues. We currently offer two levels of board training.

Please contact Chandra Davis at cdavis@theemploymentlawsolution.com or Raquel Crump at rcrump@theemploymentlawsolution.com for more details.

Link to Training Details:

Two levels of board training now available.