RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: GA Labor Law Poster Change and EEOC Releases Sample Forms to Help Employers with EEO-1 Survey

Georgia recently released an update for labor law posters to include the Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights new benefit dollar amounts and a new revision date.

Additionally, employers were informed that the EEOC now requires a second component of the EEO-1 Survey for employers with over 100 employees. Component 2 asks for employees’ hours worked and pay information from their W 2 forms, broken down by job category, race, ethnicity and sex. With the September 30 deadline right around the corner, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a sample form, instructions and FAQs to help employers submit employee pay data.

ELS created a checklist and offers its one-hour risk assessment for new and existing clients to identify areas of legal concern. ELS attorneys help businesses to focus on meeting their bottom line, rather than stress over employment law issues.

Please contact Raquel Crump at or Tennille Hoover at for more information on the employment law checklist or for more information about the GA Labor Law Poster Change and EEOC Sample Forms to Help Employers Submit Employee Pay Data.