Personnel Board Upholds Termination of 2 Supervisors for EEO Policy Violation

Attorney Carmen Alexander recently served as a key witness in personnel board hearings held for two terminated employees seeking to have their terminations overturned.  The two employees were first-line supervisors.  Both were terminated after Alexander found that they violated their employer’s EEO Policy by using the “N” word and, in a separate unconnected EEO investigation, for creating a hostile work environment in their conduct towards a Turkish Muslim employee. 

While providing EEO services to the Augusta, Georgia Consolidated Government, Alexander investigated a complaint filed by an employee alleging he was being treated differently (with hostility) because of his religion and nationality.  The employee was from Turkey and spoke English with a strong Turkish accent.  The employee was also a devout Muslim.  He was known to observe some of his religion’s practices at work—such as daily and Friday prayers.  Alexander also investigated these same two supervisors’ alleged use of the “N-word” after receiving information that they regularly used it in the workplace, albeit selectively.  The Personnel Board upheld the termination of these supervisors.    


~Author: Carmen Alexander