COVID-19: Do You Have a Return-to-Work Plan?

Back to Business as Unusual – Join The Employment Law Solution attorneys as we discuss the important key issues every employer must consider as businesses prepare to open their doors. 

Date: Monday, April 27, 2020  

Time: 2:00– 2:45pm

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Employers Need an RTW Plan- The EEOC offers Guidance as employers prepare to reopen their places of business.  Georgia has authorized restaurants, salons, theaters, bowling alleys and other establishments to reopen their places of business as early as Friday, April 24th.  As you prepare to reopen, employers need to have a Return to Work (RTW) Plan for their employees. There are several key things you need to consider as part of a comprehensive plan.  Below are just a few issues to think about and ensure that you are still acting within the bounds of the federal and state employment laws.

  1. RTW Timing
  2. Which employees you need to RTW
  3. Workers that are unable to RTW because of lack of childcare or fear
  4. Daily Health & Safety Protocols
  5. Minimizing potential legal claims

Please contact ELS for assistance in developing your company’s compliant RTW Plan.